My Packing Assistants

Whenever I pack for one of my trips, I  have help.  Here are photos of my assistants.  One moment I’ll be alone in the bedroom, placing the empty suitcase on my bed to pack.  The next moment, I’ll have at least one assistant, and sometimes more than one.

I can always count on Blaze to help me pack.  Once he settles into a suitcase, it’s hard to get him out.  If I try to lift him out, he’ll simply plop right back into it.

October 2017, as I was packing for a month in Senegal.

Ashley often glares at me while I’m packing.  I think she’s scheming about what kind of trouble she’ll make for my husband while I’m gone.

February 2015, as I was packing for 3 weeks in Egypt.


Blaze is especially fond of the small size of underseater bags.  They’re just the right size for him to curl up.  Though, perhaps they’re too small for his 14-inch tail.

February 2017 as I was packing for 3 1/2 weeks in Egypt.


Sometimes two of them try to help me at the same time. That’s always interesting.

April 2015.


February, 2016 as I was packing for 3 weeks in Egypt.

Blaze seems to be telling me that he thinks I’m done packing, whether or not I agree.

February 2016, as I was packing for 3 weeks in Egypt.


Ashley is finding my brand-new suitcase interesting.  She’s making sure I pack it with some cat hair.

She helped me pack for Morocco in September 2017.


I thought it was a suitcase.  But he thought it was a bed or a bathtub!

November 2017, as I was packing for a business trip to Washington, DC.


It appears there’s no room left for my computer….

December 2017, as I was packing for a trip to Boston.


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