2019 Year in Review

Top 10 Posts on this Blog in 2019

I sometimes like to offer my readers a “behind the scenes” look at my web sites.  It can be interesting, for example, to see which articles are the most popular (as measured by page views), and compare that to which articles you have enjoyed the most. Also, if you see that something is popular which you haven’t read yet, you might want to check it out to see what you’re missing!

Do you see something on this list that you don’t recognize?  Maybe you’d like to read the post and see whether it’s something you too would enjoy! Here are the links to the top 10 blog posts mentioned above, in order of popularity:

Page Views by Category

These are the major categories for the posts I make here on my travel blog.  I found it interesting to see what the comparative popularity of the categories is.  Some of the results aren’t surprising at all.  For example, Arts & Culture is the category that has the most posts in it (14), so it’s not surprising that it would receive the most page views.

The category with the second largest number of posts is Nature’s Beauty (11 posts), but it ranks third in terms of page views.

The History category contains only 8 blog posts, but it received the second largest number of page views.  I believe this is because of the popularity of the article about the Aswan egg, which was the most popular article on my blog in 2019.  If you do a Google search on the keywords “Aswan” and “egg”, you’ll see that my blog post about it comes up first in the search results!


It’s not surprising that articles about Egypt show up at the top of the ranking of most page views.  Out of the 57 articles on this blog as of the end of 2019, 30 of those were about Egypt.  I’ve spent more time in Egypt than I have in the other places I have visited, so I have more to say about it. Also, the people who follow me on social media and see my announcements about new blog posts tend to be particularly interested in Egypt, and less so in some of the other places I have visited.

This graphic shows how many articles I’ve written about each place that I’ve blogged about.  “General” refers to blog posts that aren’t specifically about a certain place, such as this one!

However, until I made this graphic, I hadn’t really thought about how few posts I’ve made about some of the places I’ve been, so maybe it’s time to go back through my photos and post some entries about these under-represented places.

If you’d like to explore my blog entries about these various places, here are links to the menus for each:

Closing Thoughts

I’m glad I took the time to reflect on some of the behind-the-scenes aspects of this blog.  I work in a career where we are always under pressure to gather and analyze metrics about the work we have done, so I just applied that same thought process here.  It has given me some ideas on what to do as I move forward into 2020.